You’ve spent a lot of time and money searching for a blue pill to end your pigmentation woes. You’ve tried hydroquinone creams as prescribed by your dermatologists. You also have these dark spots treated with laser. But none of them work as promised. Do you think you can have spotless skin again?

Dark spots due to hormones should go away on its away. But it does not happen all the time. If your pigmentation problem is because of too much sun, then you need a proper treatment.

Now take a deep breath for clearer skin. I’m going to show how to fade these spots without resorting to banned substances.

Often, a simple daily application such skin lightening creams should do the job. But it requires time. It is not an immediate result.
Various Brands Of Skin Lightening Creams
They contain active ingredients which are known as tyrosinase inhibitors. Its main job is to interrupt the process of making melanin in the cells known as melanocytes.

Using non regulated skin lighteners can potentially expose your skin to mercury. One study discovered that 1 out of every 4 dark spot correctors manufactured in Asia and sold in the U.S. contained mercury.

Mercury is a toxic agent and it can cause serious damage on your kidney and brain. If you’re pregnant, there is a chance that you can pass the mercury to your baby.

Mercury Poisoning

Mercury Effects On Unborn Baby

Make safety as your top priority. That is why I always encourage people to follow safe skin lightening. If you’re going to treat hyerpigmentation on your face using skin lighteners, you don’t want to damage your skin or ruin your health. Most skin whiteners use hydroquinone but this photography agent can cause irritation such as redness and itchiness for some people.

What make a skin brightening cream effective? It depends on the number of active ingredients it has. The more active ingredients it has, the faster it can reduce dark spots. So the next time you go shopping, pick one with more than one active ingredient.

So, what is the most effective cream for hyperpigmentation treatment? If you are busy with your career and family, you hardly find time to experiment a large range of dark spot removers. So, to make it easier for you, I have found one that may work for you. Meladerm is no longer a new player in the market. It has been around for more than 10 years. Its name speaks for itself.

If you don’t believe me, check out the forums. Of course, there are some bad reviews. But look at the overall. No product is perfect. There are more positive feedback than negative ones. In the end, you will agree with me that Meladerm is a good product.

It is not a surprise that over the years, Meladerm has garnered a lot of fans. Why is it so special? It all boils down to years of research and development. Civant Skincare continuously improves the product.

The unique thing about Meladerm is the array of skin lightening agents. And it also makes sure that these ingredients can reach the dermal layer by offering exfoliating benefit. Its ingredients are gentle yet powerful to stop melanocytes from producing melanin. Whether your skin tone is dark or fair, it can deliver the job. It also benefits those with sensitive skin.

After reading this, you think you’re going to see significant results in two weeks. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t. In fact, you should not. If a product can produce lightning results, then it may contain very high concentration of hydroquinone or mercury.

Using natural ingredients, the healing will take time without jeopardizing your health and skin. So be patient.

Sunscreen for Hyperpigmentation

Develop The Habit Of Wearing Sunscreen Everyday

Lastly, use sunscreen whenever you go out. All your efforts will go into the drain if you fail to follow this advice. Without sunscreen, the melanocytes will be activated to produce more melanin when your skin is exposed to the sun. This will make your hyperpigmentation darker.

By now, we are aware that taking a walk is good for health. Those who walk on a regular basis usually are calmer, more alert and happier than those who embrace an inactive lifestyle.

Although the relationship between long-term walking and emotions have been examined extensively but you could hardly find any study to indicate how it influences your mood day-to-day or hour-by-hour.

I checked out one study a few days ago about how taking a walk during the lunch hour can beat stress. I wondered why not many men participated in this study as most of the participants were middle aged women. Either the men were too busy or they felt walking was not going to have any effect on their moods.

The test was very simple. The volunteers were required to take a 30-minute stroll during their usual lunch time. They did 3 times a week.

After the study was completed, the walkers had better mood than those who did not walk. Their enthusiasm and relaxation improved while their stress level dropped.

From the practical point of view, it may not work for some people. What happen if you have to work during lunch hour? I feel that to get walking program to work, the company has an important role to play too. This study may miss out one important thing. The researchers did not measure the volunteers’ productivity. But with better moods, I guess you can produce better at work. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Article Credit: UnitedHealthCare

Wouldn't it be great if you can still burn calorie after your workout? Whatever you do after an intense strength training, you still burn energy. 

“Hitting heavy weights can help burn body fat and calories up to a day after your workout”

If you want to maximise your metabolism, try power swap. For women, you can swap 3 or 5 pounders for a heavier set of weights. Repeat a few times. Not only you boost your metabolic rate, you'll get leaner and stronger body.

To get the step-by-step on power swap, read this article: Power Swaps: The game-changing habit that revs your metabolism

Weight gain is not something you have in mind. Sometimes, you simply can’t prevent it.

Weight Gain From Saturated Fat DietsOne recent research study by the Unit for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism at Uppsala Science Park in Sweden mentions that the additional calories from unsaturated fats can lower heart risk as it is correlated with weight gain. If the data holds true, then you do not have to restrict your diet.

The risk of heart issues decreases when you place on additional pounds particularly if you are thin. This only happens if your diet stems from unsaturated fats according to the study.

If you are young and lean, obtaining 3 pounds can raise the markers of heart condition risk indicators such as insulin resistance and signs of weakened vascular function. You are not going to have significant health concerns in a short time. It can be serious particularly for abdominal fat when you keep on gaining weight over time.

Researchers observed that unsaturated fats improved cholesterol levels despite the fact that your weight and calorie consumption have gone up.

They carried out a 7-week experiment where two groups of young healthy participants were provided two types of muffins. One group ate polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) muffins while the other group got saturated fat muffins. Nothing else changed including their day-to-day diet plan and exercise.

At the end of the experiment, all the volunteers put on weight on average 3.5 pounds per person. There were very little changes in their blood pressure levels.

One thing that worth mentioning is that the cholesterol and lipid levels for the group with polyunsaturated fat muffins were lower than the other group with saturated fats. Interesting enough, the cholesterol levels for those eating saturated fat muffins shot up.

The insulin resistance increased in both groups, suggesting the warning sign of the preliminary phase of diabetes.

Fat are normally transferred to the abdomen and liver. When your high calorie diet plan includes mainly unsaturated fats, the liver and abdomen will less likely to store fat.

The liver reacts in different ways towards unsaturated and saturated fats. The liver takes cholesterol from the blood as under the influence of unsaturated fats.

This research is an eye opener as the majority of people today consume large amounts of calories, which lead them to weight gain. You can prevent weight gain. However the conclusion from this study might offer the value of unsaturated fats without thinking a lot about caloric consumption.

Instead of consuming dairy products or fatty meats which are rich with saturated fats, select nuts and veggie oils such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil that are great sources of polyunsaturated fats.

According to health professionals, eight hours of quality sleep is essential to a person’s physical and mental health. This is not entirely possible for some people, however, since the particular demands they have in their daily lives leave them with only little time to rest and so they have been suffering from lack of sleep.

An even more astonishing fact is that a lot of people actually think that this is normal and is not such a big of a deal at all. This can sometimes be true, but depriving yourself of sleep for long periods of time may result in dire consequences. A person’s home life as well as professional life is not spared by this chronic type of sleep deprivation. The following are examples of the effects this condition can bring you:

The headache is the most typical lack of sleep side effects. It won’t be unusual for you to experience headaches if you constantly lack sleep, in fact, that is not even the worst of it since those head pains may worsen into migraines in the future.

SleepIt can also result in a decrease in concentration. Due to the first side effect of lacking sleep which is the headache, the becomes tired and therefore causes a person’s concentration to lower significantly. If you have a job as a crane operator or a truck driver it can become especially dangerous since you might accidentally hit someone and cause their lives to be in danger.

Another side effect this condition brings is that it cause people difficulty to recall things from their memory. During sleep is when your brain makes sense of everything that happens to you and creates new memories. You might constantly forget things if your brain doesn’t get enough rest to be able to function the way it is supposed to.

Your mood and behavior may change in negative ways because of sleep deprivation. Not being able to sleep for long amounts of time may rapidly lessen the mental health of a person. When a person is always tired he may tend to respond negatively to the most simple things such as accidentally bumping his leg into the table.

Furthermore, constant lack of rest may cause a certain amount of the chemical serotonin to decrease in production inside your body. This is what results in a person getting depressed.

The other negative consequences that sleep deprivation can bring is stunted growth, a weakened immune system, diabetes, obesity, and disturbance of bodily repair processes.

Not to mention, that it also increases the chances in which one can contract cancer, and that is possibly one of the deadliest side effects of all. It has been well documented that those people who work late nights tend to have a higher chance of getting cancer than the people who work during the day. Getting a good rest every night will protect the body by producing the sleep-regulating hormone called melatonin, which is also known to suppress the development of tumors.

Green tea is a traditional drink and it is reckoned to be one of the oldest beverage today. So why do people still consume green tea in this modern age?

Do you know about the health benefits found in green tea? It is known by the scientists to be loaded with antioxidants.

All the processes in your body require oxygen. Air provides oxygen so our body can metabolize fat and glucose for energy. However, we know too much of something that is never good for us.

During the oxidation, it will release free radicals. They can turn healthy molecules into free radicals when they come in contact. Free radicals are not good for our body as it interfere vital processes. Leaving them unattended can cause damage to your cell, and it is a matter of time the cell will die.

When the molecules are not functioning optimally, you can develop degenerative diseases such as arthirits, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases, heart problems. Fortunately for us, our immune system are capable to handle the effects of the free radicals.

If you want stop free radicals from damaging your cells, you can incorporate fruits and veggies that are rich of antioxidants. You can also drink green tea. These combination can help you counter the harmful effects of free radicals.

Green tea is originally come from a tea plant called Camellia Sinensis. It is a popular drink among the Chinese. They believe that drinking green tea everyday can help their health.

Green tea can be used as a diuretic and an astringent. It is great for heart too.

Green tea is also rich with vitamin A, C, and E. It is said to prevent cancer as it contains epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant.

Drinking green tea has many health benefits. If you have not tried it before, maybe it is a good time to do it now.